Beverly Willett

Beverly Willett is the author of Disassembly Required: A Memoir of Midlife Resurrection. She has written personal essays, op-eds, and service pieces for dozens of the nation’s top newspapers and magazines, including The New York Times, USA Today, The Washington Post, The New York Post, Newsweek, The Guardian, Family Circle, The Huffington Post, Prevention, Woman’s Day, Salon, The Daily Beast, and many more. Appealing to a diverse audience, she’s written on a wide variety of topics—everything from friendship, divorce, and parenting, to homelessness, midlife and meditation, even her wild ride on a Harley on the back roads of Kentucky.


An accomplished speaker, in 2016, she gave a popular TEDx Talk entitled “How to Begin Again.” In 2017, she co-produced a documentary about homelessness. “Without A Roof.” 

Beverly Willett is a Southern Maryland native and a former New York City entertainment lawyer. She now lives in Savannah, Georgia where she serves on the boards of the Chatham-Savannah Authority for the Homeless, the Coalition for Divorce Reform (co-founder), the American Traditions Vocal Competition, and is president of the Flannery O’Connor Childhood Home. She is the former Chairman of the Board of NYC’s MCC Theater. She received her B.A. from Penn


State University and her J.D. from Catholic University, Columbus School of Law.


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After a small-town southern girl turned New Yorker watches her American Dream implode, she musters the courage to begin again—resurrecting the powerful woman her daughters had glimpsed during their family’s darkest times.

I scrolled to voicemail on my husband’s cell phone. Instantly I heard a woman’s voice I’d never heard before. 

“I love you. Call me at home,” the voice said. 

My hand trembled. I inhaled my tears and stuffed my wails inside so the children, one floor above, wouldn’t hear.  

“Want to come over here tomorrow and have a little time to be private instead of meeting at the office?” the voice continued. 

Fear exploded in my chest. I couldn’t swallow. I wanted to bolt the doors and keep my family in suspended animation, safe and rolled up in their covers until I could figure out what to do next…


A raw and riveting memoir, Disassembly Required invites readers along, moment by gut-wrenching moment, on one woman’s journey from betrayal and devastation to resilience and recovery. From learning of her husband’s affair, to family court, to life as a single mother, Beverly Willett perseveres in resisting injustice, the loss of her family unit, and the sale of the beautiful Brooklyn Brownstone her family had called home.

Willett knows selling her house will require taking inventory of her possessions; she does not realize it will require taking inventory of herself. But as she surrenders her hopes for a life that hasn’t turned out the way she imagined, the world opens back up. And Willett leaps toward it, embracing uncertainty.

Disassembly Required is a story of quiet struggle and persistence. Unflinchingly honest in its examination of the discomforts of change, it celebrates the opportunities for transformation.

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