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John Cribb is a bestselling author who has written about subjects ranging from history to education. His novel Old Abe has been hailed for its vivid portrayal of Abraham Lincoln. His previous work includes coauthoring The American Patriot’s Almanac and The Educated Child, both New York Times bestsellers; co-editing The Human Odyssey, a 3-volume world history text; and developing on-line history courses. He has appeared on numerous TV, radio, and podcast shows such as C-SPAN’s Washington Journal and Fox News’s Fox & Friends, and his writing has been published in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today,, The Hill, Real Clear Politics, and several other publicat

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The Rail Splitter

Tells the story of Abraham Lincoln’s remarkable journey from a log cabin to the threshold of the White House—a journey that turns him into one of America’s most beloved heroes. Like Old Abe, Cribb’s acclaimed novel about Lincoln’s years as president, The Rail Splitter brings Lincoln to life in a way no other book does. We walk beside him on every page, through Indiana woods and Illinois prairies, and come to know his hopes and struggles on his winding path to greatness. The story of the rawboned youth who makes his way from a log cabin to the White House is, in many ways, the great American story. The Rail Splitter brings Lincoln to life once again and reminds us that the country he loved is a place of wide-open dreams where extraordinary journeys unfold.

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John Cribb

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