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Jeff Shaw

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Jeff Shaw is an award-winning, best-selling author of The Bloodline series: Lieutenant Trufant, LeAnn and the Clean Man, and Broken. Jeff served twenty-four years in law enforcement, and after retiring wrote his memoir, Who I Am: The Man Behind the Badge. He has written several short stories and continues to write today. When not writing he spends his time relaxing with his wife Susan on the porch of their North Georgia home. 

Lieutenant Trufant

Lieutenant Trufant is the first novel in The Bloodline series. It is a police procedural crime novel of a fictitious police officer tracking down a serial killer praying on homeless veterans in San Francisco. Shaw’s complex and imperfect protagonist finds his sanity at stake in his quest to stop before psychopath strikes again.

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Also by Jeff Shaw

LeAnn and the Clean Man, the second novel in the Bloodline Series, is a crime thriller; much like the protagonist in Lieutenant Trufant, LeAnn is a deeply troubled young woman who is kidnapped by a sex trafficking gang the moment she steps off a plane in Singapore. She should be in prison—or at least a mental hospital—yet we find ourselves rooting for her as she both seeks revenge and finds redemption. It is a violent story, yet one free of graphic sex.


Broken will be the third and possibly the last in The Bloodline series. The story takes place in San Francisco and once again Lieutenant Trufant (now a captain), is deep into the death investigation of his former chief. He soon finds himself fighting for his life as he is targeted by drug traffickers, only to find an unusual set of allies coming to his aid.

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