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Michael Buchanan

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 Michael Buchanan and Diane Lang have used their experience as high school teachers to write The Fat Boy Chronicles. Named Teachers of the Year, nominated for Disney Teacher Awards, and featured in USA Today for creativity in the classroom, their ability to communicate to students is evident. Other works by Buchanan and Lang include the novel Micah’s Child and screenplay Treasure of the Four Lions.

The Fat Boy Chronicles

It's bad enough being the new kid, but as a freshman, Jimmy finds school less enjoyable than many of his classmates. Standing 5'5" and weighing 187 pounds, he's subjected to a daily barrage of taunts and torments. His only sources of comfort are his family, his youth group, and his favorite foods. When his English teacher assigns a journal as a writing project, Jimmy chronicles not only his struggles but also his aspirations - to lose weight and win the girl of his dreams. Inspired by a true story and told in first-person journal entries, The Fat Boy Chronicles brings to life the pain and isolation felt by many overweight teenagers as they try to find their way in a world obsessed with outward beauty.

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