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Debbie Dee Towns was born and raised on a dairy farm in Northwest Ohio. She attended the University of Toledo and upon graduation she taught middle school language arts and reading for thirty-five years. When she retired, she promised herself that she would write and publish a historical romance book based upon the Civil War era. Her favorite book, Gone with the Wind, made a lasting impression on her when she read it as a young adult. She completed her promise and wrote a trilogy following McKenna and Captain Sloane throughout the Civil War and Reconstruction era.

Deb married her high school sweetheart of forty-three years ago, Brian Towns. She is the proud mother of two sons and their lovely wives. Kiel and Ashley Towns and Tyler and Lauren Towns. Deb is also a proud ‘Grama’ to twin boys named Jackson and Kayce Towns, recently born in November of 2023.

Book I                   McKenna’s Crossing

Book II                  McKenna’s Return-Unfair Contempt

Book III                 McKenna Goes Home (released 3/31/24)

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