Kenyon Henry

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Kenyon Henry is the author of the young adult, urban fantasy series, Chronicles of Stephen. He has enjoyed writing for as long as he can remember. However, it wasn't until March 2017 that his first novel, Choice of the Mighty, was published. A year to the date, Trials of the Mighty was also published, followed by Redemption of the Mighty  in November 2018. 


Since that time, Kenyon has been working on several projects and had an article published in Kingdom Man Magazine earlier this year. Along with his wife, he lead youth ministry at his church for five years, which he believes fueled his desire to write young adult novels, although having six kids could have something to do with it as well. 


Kenyon's next novel is expected to publish sometime in the next year and will be a spin-off of Chronicles of Stephen. You can follow Kenyon on social media for updates or simply to get to know him. (IG @kenyon_t) (FB /kenyonthenry) (Twitter @kenyonthenry) Or visit his website at where you can view his inspirational blog and sign up for his newsletter. 

Choice of the Mighty


What if you could read someone's mind? What would you do if you could see (or know) a person's every thought and memory? Who would you turn to when that ability took you to the brink of insanity?

"Highly recommended, especially to fans of Harry Potter or Percy Jackson!" - Rebecca Van Daniker, It's Story Time With Van Daniker,, July 2, 20

Stephen returns home to the man who raised him seeking help after spending the past five years on his own. After having suffered a great tragedy, his mind is nearing insanity. His ability to read minds and control thoughts seems like a curse and leaves him feeling like a monster. 

Soon, Stephen learns he is descended from King David's mighty men, thus the reason for his gift. Also, he is not alone. There are others with similar gifts, fighting a secret war for humanity.  Some are Mighty. Others are called Fallen.