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Author L.S. McIntyre (Latina McIntyre) is a United States Air Force veteran and a proud graduate of Bellevue University, who writes children’s books of inspiration and empowerment with a twist of girl power. She is the founder/director of the Super Smart Girl’s Club, a non-profit organization that mentors and motivate young girls through literacy and community service.

Latina is also the Executive Director of Super Smart Girl, LLC; which is a youth mentoring consulting company. Latina is other books includes: The Super Smart Girl Book Series and The Super Smart Girl Book- Part One.

Latina has been featured in Bella Magazine, The Aiken Standard, The View Alumni Magazine and 26 Women Today. She also has been honored to receive a community award from the Women’s Interactive Network.

Royal's Halloween Party

Join the party with Royal and her family in this scary and fun Halloween tale! Full of love and laughter, Royal and her family get ready for a night to remember.

Join Royal, a fierce and respectful young girl, as she shows everyone her passion and love for life through the empowering stories of her adventures. The Super Smart Girl Book features the first two parts of a truly incredible series that seeks to enlighten and inspire young girls everywhere.

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Latina S. McIntyre