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Jeremy Logan is an author of mystery and suspense novels. He began writing after retiring from a legal career in the energy industry. Writing fulfills a lifelong ambition that never diminished. He had entered college as a literature major, but changed to business administration. After graduation he worked full time during the days as an accountant and went to law school at night. After acquiring his JD degree in 1976, he became corporate legal counsel for the energy industry. He's married, and has one child.

He retired in 2010 and began to write.  His first novel, Don't Go There,  was published in November, 2013, followed by five more novels including one collaboration with Brenda Sevcik, The Trigger Effect.  Learn more at


When a massive pipeline ruptures just outside of Washington D.C, spilling huge volumes of gasoline on the Potomac River—which then catches on fire—an international disaster firm is called in to lead the investigation. But as they dig deeper into the cause of the rupture, an illegal tap created when the pipe was installed is not the only thing they uncover. Behind the disaster waits a conspiracy between three crime syndicates decades in the making.
Chief investigator Victor Majeski teams up with his old girlfriend, Agent Angela Cramer of the FBI, putting their lives in jeopardy as they race to collect enough evidence to put the leaders of the syndicates behind bars before everyone involved disappears.

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Jeremy Logan

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