Brian Reynolds


B.C. Reynolds: a recently established author in the science fiction genre. He hit the ground running with his first novel, The Glass Run

Drawing inspiration from the early pioneers of sci-fi, his writing is reminiscent of authors such as Ray Bradbury, Issac Asimov and C.S. Lewis. In addition to his passion for writing he also enjoys spending time with his wife, three children and the family dog, Bailey.

Brian Reynolds

The Glass Run

A unique and entertaining novel about an unlikely group of individuals, thrown together by chance or by something much larger than just themselves. Something odd seems to be going on behind the scenes; something just beneath the surface of their awareness. It’s obvious that something strange is going on that none of them understands, and it is definitely something that they are not able to control.




Together they will search through time and across the globe in an attempt to answer the most important question ever asked throughout the entirety of all human history - Is he or isn’t he . . . The One?