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George B. Thompson, Jr.

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A native of Oregon,  George B. Thompson, Jr. loves the outdoors. He now lives with Beverly in the mountains of Western North Carolina, hiking and tending to a large yard with tall trees, plenty of ferns and wild perennial plants, and blueberry bushes. Thompson continues to teach a weekly adult Bible study, coaches pastors and churches, and serves on the Earth Care Team of the Presbytery of Western North Carolina.

George B. Thompson,  Jr.

 What Hardy Found

Twelve-year-old Hardy has moved to the mountains with his widowed mother. The boy loves exploring the land around the family cabin, looking for signs of generations gone by. Hardy makes an unlikely friend, Lily Mae, at his new school, and she joins him on his outdoor adventures. The two amateur explorers befriend Maddy, an old woman living in an even older, remote house. When something terrible happens to Maddy, Hardy and Lily Mae are warned to stop their hunting for suppressed clues about the local history. Hardy persists anyway, and his final discovery draws him even closer to his exploring companion.

Through the characters and events in this story, readers are invited to reflect on the deep struggles of race and identity in America with new insight and fresh hope.

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