Leverett Butts

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Leverett Butts teaches composition and literature at the University of North Georgia. His poetry and fiction have appeared in Eclectic and The Georgia State University Review. He is the recipient of several fiction prizes offered by the University of West Georgia and TAG Publishing. His first collection of short fiction, Emily's Stitches: The Confessions of Thomas Calloway and Other Stories, was nominated for the 2013 Georgia Author of the Year Award in Short Fiction. The first volume of his Guns of the Waste Land series, retelling the King Arthur myths as an American Western, was a finalist in the 2016 Georgia Author of the Year Award for first novel, and the third volume received Honorable Mention in the 2018 Georgia Independent Author of the Year Award in historical fiction. He lives in Temple, Georgia, with his wife, son, their Jack Russell terrier, and an anti-social cat.

Guns of the Waste Land

Guns of the Waste Land recasts the legends of King Arthur as an American Western. Set in the late 19th century outside the West Texas town of Bretton, this third volume continues the stories of the men and women devoted in their own ways to Sheriff Ardiss Drake.

Percy Murratt, still living with Ardiss, is in love. Unfortunately, so is Ardiss' foster brother, Caleb and with the same woman. Gary Wayne Orkney has recovered as much as possible from the beating he received from Lancaster O'Loch and desperately wants to ride a horse again and continue is service as a deputy. Reverend Merrle Tallison is considering leaving Bretton and finding a life for himself. Finally, Ardiss' estranged wife, Guernica, continues to seek closure for the events that brought her to the wilds of the Waste Land.