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Shawn Michael Gotch

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The Scent of Heaven

In a time of great upheaval when the foundations of all that we’ve known and believed are being destroyed around us, there is hope from a dimension of life closer to us than the air that we breathe.

Read now the journal of newswriter Aubrey Lewis, who awakens from a car accident to discover that he’s dead on earth but alive in a parallel dimension which coexists with earth. As Lewis begins his unforgettable odyssey, he encounters angelic and other heavenly beings too numerous and diverse to count, as well as magnificent ecosystems teeming with exotic flora and fauna.

Amid his many adventures, Lewis is given the opportunity to see alternate lives which he might have lived, if he had chosen differently on earth at certain key moments. While drinking in the pleasures of each alternate life, Lewis gradually discovers that the price to experience the alternate lives might be too high.

Eventually, the Angelic Corps asks Lewis to serve for a time as an embedded war correspondent in The Human War. As Lewis journals raging battles between angels and demons for human souls, a watershed moment is thrust upon him. Lewis must decide whether to safely remain the silent chronicler or risk all to try to save someone he loves.

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