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Tim Quigley

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T.R. (Tim) Quigley started writing plays, musicals, and children’s plays in the 1980s. His works have been produced in community theatre, children’s theatre, and by middle and high school drama departments. A one-act version of ‘Twas the Night Before a Christmas Carol won first place in a Sautee Nacoochee play writing contest. The full-length play has been produced several times at the Holly Theater in Dahlonega, GA. His full-length adaptation of FRANKENSTEIN spawned from his interest in classic horror novels and films. Quigley’s works can be licensed via or ETERNAL is his first novel; it is available at Amazon in soft cover and Kindle. Tim and his wife Dianne live in the mountains near Dahlonega, GA.

Eternal:  The Struggle Between Good and Evil

The Church has known the true story behind vampire folk tales and legends for over 2000 years. What you know as vampires are far more frightening, more devastating and more incredible than any movie or novel has ever portrayed. These so-called vampires are among us - hidden to all but a few unfortunates. They revel in making mankind its own worst enemy. Orphans, the homeless, the lonely, the desperate and the innocent are recruited to do their bidding. They have no choice. The Church has a secret office and organization that tracks and tries to limit their destruction. In this story two orphans, two detectives, a hotel clerk and a nun are brought together to thwart one of the most evil of the thirteen master vampires.

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