Stan Knick

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Stan Knick received a Ph.D. in anthropology at Indiana University. For thirty years, he taught university courses including American Indian Health; Contemporary Issues of American Indians; Archaeology in North Carolina; Cultural Anthropology; and Video Ethnography; at the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.  


A few of his publications include: The Healing Years: A Novel (2019); River Spirits: A Collection of Lumbee Writings (2003); Where This Train Goes: Lakota John (film; 2017); Knowledge, Wisdom, and the Traditional Mind: The Nottoway in the 21st Century (film; 2015); and “Because It Is Right” (Native South, 2008).  He is a recipient of the Hamilton McMillan Award for service to the Lumbee Indian community, and is an honorary member of the Lumbee Tribe.  He was born in Virginia of mostly Irish and Scot heritage. He was partly raised in Texas, is a veteran of the US Army, and an Episcopalian.

The Healing Years


The story of a woman in rural North Carolina who grows up in hard times, endures many sorrows, but persists to become a respected healer in her community. A woman of great wisdom and strength, who through her healing years she helps many people, and eventually discovers how to heal her own heart. REVIEW: "It immediately draws from me the adjective 'genuine.' Ruby is a wonderful creation, maybe a mosaic of more than one woman. She has 'the gift' all right, not only for healing with roots and herbs and wise counsel, but also for patience and for love and steady affection. Such upright characters are hard to draw convincingly; they go against the grain of our skepticism. But when you get them right, they are strong. What you have here is strong, a memoir-chronicle about a kind of community and a way of life not so well known anymore. The 'retreat' to yard and garden at the end is a kind of saintly benediction."  ~ Fred Chappell, poet, novelist, teacher; Poet Laureate of N.C. (1997-2002)

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