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Schedule for 2024 Book Fair
University of North Georgia Convocation Center
14 September 2024
[Descriptions still in progress]

9:00 – 10:00

“Humor Writing” with D.B. Elrogg, Douglas Young, and Ezekiel Black (room 216)


“Christian Fantasy and Fiction” with Anne Schlea, Heather Thompson, and Shawn Gotch (room 119)

What is the difference between Christian Fantasy, Fantasy, and Christian Fiction? Our panel of authors will discuss their experiences creating their worlds and how each of these genres differs from the other. In doing so, our panelists will discuss: (1) The worlds in which people live; (2) the nature of humans and/or other beings; (3) the weapons or powers present; and (4) the over-arching themes and metanarratives.


“The Wild, Wild West World of Writing” with McCracken Poston, Jr. (room 218/219)

So you have a great book pouring out of you. Congratulations! Now comes the hard part. Even if it's your story, someone may be already writing it. At this writing, I have battled two "fake books" that appeared for sale online, right beside mine, offered at much better prices. Even my relatives would opt for the cheaper version! I also suffered well-intentioned "artificial intelligence" book reviews that mixed my book up with another. Let's talk.

Workshop: “Using Joseph Campbell’s Hero Cycle to Create Character-Driven Plots” with Thom Brucie (room 118; 90 minutes)

The Hero Cycle, represented in Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With A Thousand Faces, catalogues the story-components of the hero’s adventure. It registers the hero’s leaving his or her ordinary life, documents his or her adventures which both challenge and teach, and culminates his or her return to the community with new power and knowledge. The psychological imperatives that drive the hero to courage and to growth allow for deeply developed characters that readers relate to. And the hero’s adventures will manifest stories with compelling character-driven plots. [Pre-register with a free ticket to this event here.]


10:30 – 11:30

“All Things Mystery” with D.L. Mitchell, Katherine Nichols, and Sharon Marchisello (room 216)

From cozy to thriller, featuring amateur sleuths or hardened detectives, with settings from small southern towns to outer space, contemporary to prehistoric, all mysteries share common ingredients that make readers keep turning the pages. Whether you're writing a mystery or just love to read them, bring your questions and join three authors from the Atlanta chapter of "Sisters in Crime" Atlanta as they discuss “All Things Mystery.”

“Don't Rely on AI: Why Historical Fiction Requires Good Research Practice” with Larry Freeland, Sheila Myers, and Pamela Norsworthy (room 119)

Larry Freeland, Sheila Myers, and Pamela Norsworthy will share their approaches to conducting historical research in their novels. Are there elements within a story that must always be factual and precise? Where is the latitude for creative invention readers seek in compelling fiction? Join these authors as they discuss the sources they rely on to ensure their fiction rests firmly on historical and factual footing.


“How to Create Exquisite Books and Share Them via Social Media” with indie fantasy author Christine Marshall and artist/illustrator Steve Marshall (room 218/219)

Author Christine Marshall and artist Steve Marshall work together to create fantasy books for readers of all ages. Steve utilizes his digital art skills to create gorgeous book covers then adds his whimsical pen and ink illustrations to the interior to immerse the reader into the stories that Christine crafts with words. Join Steve and Christine as they take you inside the process of creating stunning books, sharing them with readers across social media, and more. You won’t want to miss this delightful duo!


Noon – 1:00

“Suspense Writing” with Georgiana Fields, Juliet Rose, and William Rawlings (room 216)

“Southern Writers” with Dan Leach and Stephen Hundley (room 119)

Romance Writers Interactive Session: “What’s My Line” with Allison Wells, Cassidy K. O’Connor, and Sophie Leigh Fox (room 218/219)

Workshop/Presentation: “Writing Dialogue” with Caroline Smith (room 118; 75 minutes)

Learn the art of authentic dialogue in your fiction with writer, editor, and author coach, Caroline Smith, MFA. From subtle nuances of character to dramatic exchanges, we’ll craft compelling conversations that captivate readers and bring your characters to life. Dialogue for Fiction Writing empowers you to infuse your narrative with depth and realism while unlocking the secrets to crafting dialogue that resonates long after the final page is turned. [Pre-register with a free ticket to this event here.]

1:30 – 2:30

“From the Imagination to the Page: Building Fantasy Worlds Readers Want to Visit IRL” with Christy Healy, Meg M. Robinson, and Safari Spell (room 216)

Fantasy authors Christy Healy (author of Unbound), Meg M. Robinson (author of the Immortal Love series), and Safari Spell (author of the Long Live Dead Reckless series) will discuss worldbuilding for fantasy novels. Topics will include magic, deities, and supernatural beings, and how they have woven myths into their stories.

“Writing Processes” with Barbara Gomes Serafino, Tristan Tuttle, and Vallorie Neal Wood (room 119)

Three North GA authors will delve into several issues and how these issues impact the writing process. Each of the authors will give you their take on building a writing community, choosing traditional publishing or self-publishing, selecting a genre, planning a writing method, anticipating marketing and making long-range plans for your work. Get their views on how these diverse matters will affect your writing process. Come participate and bring your questions to the forum! 


“History of the Bayeux Tapestry” with Brian Corrigan (room 218/219)

The Bayeux Tapestry Replica will be on display in the upper level of the convocation center on the day of our book fair. This magnificent 224-foot tapestry is an exact replica of the original French tapestry depicting the Battle of Hastings in October 1066 and the only one of its kind in the world. Join Dr. Brian Corrigan for a presentation on the fascinating history surrounding the tapestry, including the scenes depicted within it. 

Workshop: “Writing in Deep POV” with Denise Weimer” (room 118; 90 minutes)

Up until the last five or ten years, most of the novels we read were written in some type of narrative point of view—a style where the author or narrator served as a kind of middleman, telling the reader what the main characters thought and felt. But for mass market fiction, most publishers now prefer deep point of view—a style where the author writes as though they are the main character. Learn how to flip your switch to deep POV—change passive voice to active, favor action beats over speaker tags and showing over telling, avoid head-hopping, and generate rich internal dialogue—to create vibrant and immersive writing. [Pre-register with a free ticket to this event here.]


3:00 – 4:00

“Publishing Options: Self, Indie, & Traditional” with Jan Heidrich-Rice, Ke’Shawn Alexander, and Parul Kapur (room 216)

Join us for a captivating panel discussion where self-publishing meets traditional publishing. Explore the dynamic landscape of modern publishing with insights from two successful self-published authors and an award-winning seasoned writer who is traditionally published. Gain valuable perspectives on industry trends, navigating the publishing process, writing contests, and the evolving role of authors in today's literary world. Don't miss this enriching dialogue!

"What's YA Got to Do with It?" with Matt Aiken, Toni Bellon, and Perrie Patterson, moderated by Grace King (room 119)

“Tapestry and Weaving with Tommye Scanlin” demonstration (room 218/219)

Following Dr. Brian Corrigan's presentation on the history of the Bayeux Tapestry, local artist Tommye Scanlin will discuss and demonstrate the embroidery techniques used in the creation of tapestries in general, as well as the art of weaving cloth. Join her for a closer look at these beautiful and enduring art forms!

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Come join us at the North Georgia Regional Book Fair!

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