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Jean Neff Guthrie

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Jean Neff Guthrie is the author of "Mystical Aria: Seeking the Gallion Queen" and the winner of Literary Classics 2017 Gold Award for Fantasy - Tween. Her poem, “Baler Twine,” written in honor of her father’s seventy-fifth birthday, won a National Cattlemen’s Magazine contest and was published in its March 2001 edition.

Guthrie has a BS in dairy science from Virginia Tech and a MS in mass communications from Virginia Commonwealth University. She has earned certifications as a Project Management Professional, ScrumMaster, and SAFe 4 Agilist.

She worked with author Tom Bird of Ambassador University in an intensive writer's program. She also attended writer's retreats on "Releasing the Author Within," "Editorial Eye," and "How to get on Oprah" with David Thalberg, Founding Partner of BrandStand.


Guthrie lives in Smyrna, Georgia, where she writes Mystical Aria sequels and works as an information technology senior project manager.

Mystical Aria Starship Diary

Instead of gazing at the stars, I’m flying among them where no tween has been. These are the writings of Aria Vanir aboard the Gallion superspaceship, Rama XI, during my unexpected alien adventure for first contact with Queen Supreme Nashata, Galactic Mother of the Gallions.

First contact with Queen Supreme Nashata, Galactic Mother of the Gallions, transforms psychic tween Aria Vanir of Virginia Beach into Earth Ambassador to the Gallions. Can Aria summon the courage to tell humanity about the Gallions’ peaceful messages of love, prosperity, and infinity? For this, she turns to her most trusted companion: her diary.

In this second book of the science fantasy Mystical Aria series, Aria’s adventure unfolds through her innermost thoughts as she reveals her dreams, visions, and inner conflicts. Get the scoop on new chapters from her teen spy sis Jackie, BFF Tommy Manger, and galfriend-for-life Princess LeSom. Check out the brand-new Aria’s Universe for exclusive interviews with aliens aboard the starship Rama XI. Why does Princess LeSom like Elvis so much? What initiation did First Engineer Peakte endure to emerge as the Gallions’ greatest inventor? How did alien queen Nashata meet her favorite unicorn, Shemuse, and accept her royal destiny?'

Stories from these peaceful aliens inspire Aria to believe there might be a safe place in the world for her secret, psychic talents.

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