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David Mark Williams

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David Mark Williams was born in Griffin, Georgia and has lived in the state all his life. He is a former newspaper editor and writer and currently lives in the suburban sprawl of Atlanta with his wife Susan and a miniature dachshund named Bailey.

Brother to Brother

Virgil and Artis Tucker are brothers growing up in a small Georgia town, traveling through life on different paths. After their father died when they were young, Virgil buckled down, worked hard, earned a law degree and returned to Jonesville to be the local district attorney, making his mother proud. Artis struggles to find his way - barely getting through high school, drifting from one dead-end job to another, making people angry and frustrating his brother all the way. But Virgil won't turn his back on his family, and is always there to pick Artis up when he falls. Abd now, one of the town's shadier characters has turned up dead, and even though nobody will miss Bobby Arnold, the local sheriff knows he has to find the killer. As the investigation progresses, Artis's name turns up more and more, and it begins to look like he's involved in something that even Virgil might not be able to fix.

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