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Douglas Young

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Douglas Young was a political science professor for over 33 years whose essays, poems, and short stories have appeared in a variety of publications in America, Canada, and Europe. His first novel, Deep in the Forest, was published in 2021 and the second, Due South, came out in 2022. In the pipeline to be published is a book of short stories and two collections of essays: This Little Opinion Plus $1.50 Will Buy You a Coke and Beyond the Political: Essays on Life, Family, Education, Free Expression, the Arts, and Entertainment. 

This Little Opinion Plus $1.50 Will Buy You a Coke

In these sixty-five essays, political science professor emeritus Dr. Douglas Young examines a tremendous variety of American and global political issues and leaders. Whether making his case for or against particular public policies or scrutinizing major politicians, Dr. Young offers an independent perspective colored by Judeo-Christian conservatarian (conservative and libertarian) principles. Many major American political issues are explored in this collection, including abortion, Afghanistan, AIDS, alcohol, China, Confederate monuments, feminism, gun control, healthcare, marijuana, mass shootings, political polarization, presidential politics, press (mis)conduct, religion, secularism, and US foreign policies. Also studied in this volume is a diverse cast of public figures, including Abraham Lincoln, James Longstreet, John Kennedy, Ernesto "Che" Guevara, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Jesse Helms, Clarence Thomas, George Bush I, Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Bill Clinton, Pat Robertson, Jesse Jackson, Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Tucker Carlson, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle. Informed by a lifetime of intensive political study, wit, and a penchant for being eloquently blunt, Professor Young finally answers the question he so often got from students but declined to address while teaching for over a third of a century: "But what do you think, Dr. Young?" Now you will know.

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Due South

Due South is a romantic dramedy in which Fitzhugh Rainwater is a girl-shy young graduate student / teaching assistant trying to find romance and become a writer. His longtime best friend Zada is a loud, bawdy, troubled flirt who helps him out of his shell, and beautiful Cleonia is the student with whom he falls in love. Enjoy lots of humor and some poignant moments while following the evolution of these compelling characters along with a much larger cast of colorful locals who comprise the small southern college town of Due South.

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