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ANDREA LANE was inspired to write her first children’s book, Abby the Crabby Tabby Discovers Gratitude, after a life-changing discovery.


“While keeping a gratitude journal, I realized the immense power of living life gratefully and wanted to teach this value to my sons,” said Lane. “I hope to offer all children a fun way of thinking about gratitude and a light-hearted way for parents to talk to their kids about it.”


To share the power of gratitude with her sons and others, and featuring her beloved tabbies, Lane decided to write Abby the Crabby Tabby Discovers Gratitude, merging her values of gratitude and love of all animals. She loves to present to schools and offers a free activity kit on her website


For several years, Lane worked as an advocate for animal protection in public policy, and she continues to support organizations that advocate for the humane treatment and protection of all animals, from cats to cows. She donates part of all book sales to specific animal nonprofits.

Abby is a gray-and-white-striped tabby living a life of luxury. But all this finicky feline can do is complain.

Abby is fed the finest people food—such as fresh salmon, ice cream, and French bread. She has cat toys aplenty, and sleeps on a poufy pet bed. But Abby is still a crabby tabby.

Mother Mabel waits on Abby hand and paw, but it’s never enough. The tabby pouts that her food is late (and no longer warm!), and her cat toys are boring. Even Abby’s fur-sister, sweet Olivia Kathy, can’t cheer her up.

Abby finally runs away to find a perfect life, but the pampered pet is in for some frightening surprises: a tomcat bully steals Abby’s food; a terrifying neighbor dog chases her up a tree; and the tree branch breaks, dropping her onto the firm ground of the real world.

Bruised and confused, Abby realizes that maybe her old life wasn’t so bad after all. Sister Olivia Kathy was right! Abby should be grateful for the things she does have—and not complain about the things she doesn’t.

Abby discovers that the secret to happiness is gratitude.

Now Abby is one happy tabby.

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