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Deborah Malone

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Deborah Malone is an established author, freelance writer, and photographer who has had many articles and photographs published in the historical magazine Georgia Backroads since she began working with them in 2001.

Her love of her home state flows into her cozy mystery novels, all of which are set in Georgia. Her first novel, Death in Dahlonega, was a finalist in American Christian Fiction Writers’s Category Five writing contest and she was nominated in the novel category for Georgia Author of the Year Award in both 2012 and 2013. Her writing is also featured in Olin Jackson’s Tales of the Rails in Georgia.

Deborah teaches a number of writing, marketing, and speaking workshops for authors; she is available for readings, signing, book clubs and author lunches.

Buckhead Dead

Skye Southerland and Honey Truelove have just finished an interior design job for Sylvia Landmark, one of Buckhead’s most eccentric characters, and their designs are to die for. After a celebration at Sylvia’s home where they reveal the new décor, including a desk with a possible link to the pirate Blackbeard, Sylvia turns up dead, leaving the ladies wondering if this desk is worth more than they bargained for. Skye and Honey are now suspects in the murder of a woman who had few friends and plenty of possible enemies. Skye, Honey, and Honey’s loveable cousin Ginger embark on a journey to find the real killer, figure out the history behind the desk, and clear their names before they end up going to jail, or even worse, becoming the next victims! With plenty of warnings from Skye’s husband and the ruggedly handsome dective assigned to Sylvia’s case, these girls still manage to get right in the middle of the investigation, while having time to enjoy all that Georgia has to offer.

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Decatur Dead

Skye Southerland and Honey Truelove are back in an all-new adventure! Having cleared their names in the Sylvia Landmark murder, these southern girls, along with Honey’s cousin Ginger, are back to work at Skye’s interior design firm, Stylish Décor. But when Ginger’s checkered past catches up to her, she finds herself in a series of heated confrontations with the well-connected, sharp-tongued socialite, Joan Smith. And when Joan is found poisoned, Ginger becomes a person. Home decor will have to wait as Skye, Honey, and Ginger go back to their sleuthing to clear Ginger’s name.

As if one dead body isn’t enough, the mystery deepens when a skeleton is found within the walls of the century-old Victorian manor of Skye’s latest client. With two murders to solve, Skye and Honey bring all their deductive skills to bear as they embark on a perilous trip through infidelity, suspicion, and murder to save Ginger.

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