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Matt Aiken

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Matt Aiken lives in Dahlonega, Georgia, with his wife Katie, kids Bowen and

Theo, canine best friend Dobby, and feline acquaintances Kitty Boo and Sirius.  There, he works as the executive editor of The Dahlonega Nugget, which has won multiple Georgia Press Association awards, for which he likes to take partial credit. Matt wrote most of School of Sleuths in his basement while using a Crazy Board to plan out all the major plot points.  He thinks Malcolm would be proud.

School of Sleuths

They are The Shadow Guild. Or maybe they are The Academics. Or, on second thought, they might be BrainForce. That’s all still up for debate. But one thing is certain: Marshall, Quinn, Malcolm and Brigham are a teenage detective team on a mission. And that mission is to uncover the mysterious motives behind Marshall’s late night mugging at Carter High School.

It’s a dangerous investigation that leads the normally rule-following, RPG – obsessed, straight-A honor Student into a dark, crime-filled underworld that brings about an entirely new and unexpected question: Will they survive? And will they have to break curfew in the process?

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