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Stephanie Briarton

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Stephanie Briarton has been weaving fantasy and paranormal stories of adventure and romance for decades. The Riandori Realms series is a culmination of all that daydreaming. Behind a keyboard and walking through the woods are her favorite places to be, especially with her son, Caleb, by her side. Based outside of Atlanta, she dreams about moving into the North Georgia mountains one day. Briarton received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English, with a concentration in Writing and Rhetoric, from Georgia Gwinnett College.

Realm of Secrets

Eselle has secretly subverted Likalsta’s despotic king for years—gathering information, relaying messages, and negotiating with nobles. When her next contact is mysteriously delayed, she’s forced to wait for him in a small town. Here she meets a local, pregnant widow named Cristar, and the women forge an incredible friendship. But Cristar isn’t the only one who notices Eselle.


Kyr, the enigmatic regional commander who’s driven to reach the top, has his eye on her … as she does on him, sparking a steamy affair.

In a horrific turn of events, the king outlaws pregnancy, and Kyr arrests Cristar!

Forced to take sides, unwilling to lose any more people she cares about, Eselle stages a daring rescue. The two women battle the wilds of Likalsta, join forces with a rogue mage, and learn the meaning of family as they fight to save Cristar’s unborn child—all the while being relentlessly pursued by Kyr.


As the chase escalates, the lines between friend and foe blur. In a realm full of secrets, is there anyone Eselle can trust?

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