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Ann Hite

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Ann Hite is an award-winning Southern writer and admits to being a storyteller from birth. The author of the award-winning Black Mountain series, Ghost on Black Mountain, her debut novel, was one of ten finalists for The Townsend Prize in 2012 and won Georgia Author of the Year in 2012. The Storycatcher is the second novel in the Black Mountain books. Where the Souls Go, the third book in the series, was a finalist for IndieFab in the Historical Fiction category 2016, and Sleeping Above Chaos, the fourth book in the series, was a finalist for Georgia Author of the Year 2017 and also was a finalist in IndieFab in the Historical Fiction category.

Her latest book, Haints on Black Mountain, a Haunted Short Story Collection, takes readers back to Black Mountain with an array of new characters.

She has also stepped way out of her box and writing a nonfiction narrative about Lucille Selig Frank, Leo Frank's wife. Frank is known for his conviction in one of Atlanta's famous murder trials and his lynching after the governor, who believed in Frank's innocence, commuted his death sentence to life.


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Lucille Frank: The Wife of Leo Frank and Lost Voices Connected to the Mary Phagan Murder Trial

Lucille Selig Frank, a woman of unwavering determination and grace, emerges from the pages of history as a beacon of strength amidst the darkest of trials. Her life was irrevocably
intertwined with the storm that brewed around her husband, Leo Frank, during the infamous Mary Phagan murder trial. A woman of exceptional character and intelligence, Lucille's love for Leo was fierce and unyielding. As the trial'
s harsh spotlight bore down upon them, she stood as a steadfast pillar of support for her husband, her unwavering belief in his innocence an unbreakable bond. Her voice may have been soft-spoken, but her resolve echoed through the halls of justice, pleading for justice in a society teetering on the precipice of prejudice and injustice. Lucille Selig Frank, with her quiet strength and resilience, played a pivotal role in the tumultuous narrative of the trial, and her story is a testament to the enduring power of love and faith in the face of adversity.

Coming soon, available for pre-order at the Dahlonega Literary Festival.

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