History has fascinated Dan Madden since his high school days in Danvers, Massachusetts. You could blame it on living near so many towns founded in the 1600s. His BA is from Boston College in 1966 where he specialized in European and Constitutional History. Seven years later, the University of Wisconsin awarded Dan a PhD in America Constitutional History.

Though most of his professional career focused on economic development strategies for communities and states, History, all of it, was his hobby. This book came from writing down and organizing new findings from recent studies about Ancient History that ultimately bear on the American Story.

Dan and his wife, Judy, live in Englewood, Florida with their talented pet lovebird, Sunshine. They have two children, two grandchildren, and just proudly celebrated their 50th Anniversary.

The Twisty Trail from Homer to Copernicus


THE TWISTY TRAIL FROM HOMER TO COPERNICUS colorfully relates all you need to know about Ancient and Medieval history. It has large type, lots of maps and pictures, and only 130 pages. It is for the casual reader who wants a few quick facts about Aristotle or Aristophanes; Cicero or Caesar; Plato or Phidias, and why any of them matter.


TWISTY also discusses Dan's 1960’s geometry textbook. Euclid wrote it over 2200 years ago?


Even more, THE TWISTY TRAIL describes the breadth of these Greco-Roman achievements and how they were lost to Western Europeans after the barbarian invasions. It concludes with the absorbing tale of how early renaissance scholars gradually recovered them 1,000 years later. Now, they are a crucial building block for our modern era. It’s all in the book.


TWISTY is available on Amazon and has a Kindle version. In April, Dan’s second book on the Origins of our American Republic will also be available.


Dan Madden