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2020 Lunch with Featured Authors
Lunch Speaker: Bill Curry
How Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Rice Burroughs,
and Mabel Bolton Changed My Life

bill+curry head shot.jpeg

No sport rivals football for building character. In the scorching heat of two-a-days and the fierce combat of the gridiron, true leaders are born. Just ask Bill Curry, whose credentials for exploring the relationship between football and leadership include two Super Bowl rings and the distinction of having snapped footballs to Bart Starr and Johnny Unitas.

In six decades, Bill Curry has experienced virtually every scenario football provides, and relishes the opportunity to share its vivid personalities, painful life lessons, and leadership secrets. Join us for lunch as Bill shares his stories and secrets. Sit with other Featured Authors and discuss writing with them over lunch. 


Other Featured Authors that were in attendance included:  Jacob Appel, Henry Carrigan, Joe Crespino, Carolyn Curry, Cassandra King, Tracey Laird, Erica G. Mason, Dana Middleton, Brian Panowich, Rona Simmons, Mark Warren, Karen White, and Beverly Willett.

Check out some pictures below from the 2020 Lunch with Featured Authors!

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