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Jacque Jacobs

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Jacque Jacobs is a retired university professor from Western Carolina University who, at age 73, wrote her first novel in twenty-four days and a six-book series in ten months. Her first novel, High on a Mountain, was a finalist in the mystery category for the Royal Palm Literary Award and the American Writing Award in 2022. Her debut into fiction is rooted in the tradition of storytellers from the Smoky Mountains. She has just finished her ninth novel, the third in a spin-off detective series. Jacque is a U.S. Navy veteran, and in April of 2023 had a poem selected by Long Leaf Press for inclusion in a military anthology on the theme of healing. Currently, she is the Board President of the Laura (Riding) Jackson Foundation: “The Literary Hub of Indian River County, FL.”

High on a Mountain

Jacque Jacobs masterfully employs the vernacular of oral storytelling to weave the tale of a young widow and newly retired English professor, Dr. Bella Anderson.  A myriad of criminal activities combined with unexpected romance jolts Bella’s peaceful solitude and has her life sharply twisting like the dangerous switchbacks up the mountain to her eighty acres.

Capturing the serenity of a wooded Smoky Mountain setting, home to a close-knit community grounded in native cultural traditions and long-standing friendships, Jacobs offers unexpected, folksy dimensions in a hard to peg genre of suspense and romance when Bella engages her heritage and the local mountain folks who are at its core.

High on a Mountain, the first in Jacobs’ six-book series “Love is a Cabin,” is an award-winning novel. It was selected as a Royal Palm Literary Award Finalist, an American Writing Award Finalist, and has a five-star rating from Readers Favorites.

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