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J. Douglas Parker is a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a B.S. in Criminal Justice. He retired from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation after serving 30 years investigating over 250 death investigations, armed robberies, sexual assaults and child molestation cases. Other duties included dignitary protection of Presidents Carter, Clinton, Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, Raul Castro of Cuba, heads of states from foreign countries and sports figures. Parker provided protection during events such as the riots in Forsyth, Georgia in 1987 and extremists' marches involving the KKK. He was responsible for developing a training course for law enforcement and providing threat assessment and supervision for the Olympics and Para Olympics in 1996 in Atlanta. He is the owner of Parker Investigations in Augusta, Georgia where he consults with families and attorneys in cases involving death investigations, officer involved "use of force" and all types of criminal and domestic cases. Parker consults with companies, school systems and businesses on threat assessments and security plans.

The Day the Birds Came Calling

Eight-year-old Kiki has a secret that she wants to keep for herself. Because she is a big sister to her brother Kip, age six, she decides to let him in on the secret. Follow Kiki and Kip as they involve their parents in watching a bird's nest hidden in a wreath on the family's front door. Kiki and Kip also tell their classes at school about the nest and learn new words (hatchlings, nestlings, fledglings) from their teachers. Read about how the family (including three little dogs) changes their routine way of living to avoid disturbing the birds. In this book, children will learn about how birds build a nest, raise their young, and the roles of female and male birds in the process.