Dr. Kathryn Roe Coker

Dr. Kathryn Roe Coker received a doctorate in history from the University of South Carolina. For thirty years, she was a historian for the Department of the Army (DA). Dr. Coker’s interest in WWII POWs began at Fort Gordon while serving as the deputy command historian. She has published many articles in professional journals like the Georgia Historical Quarterly and chapters from her dissertation in books. While a DA historian, she published numerous books and pamphlets including A History of Fort Gordon, World War II Prisoners of War In Georgia: Camp Gordon’s POWs; Mobilization of the U.S. Army Reserve for the Korean War and The Indispensable Force: The U.S. Army Reserve (1990-2010). She retired in 2015 from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and now resides in Richmond, Virginia, with her two dogs. She is working on Virginia POW Camps In World War II.

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