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Edible Books Contest

Thank you to all 2020 participants!

And a huge thank you to the local businesses that donated gift cards!

2020 Local Donations: Capers on the Square, Cranberry Corners, 

Dahlonega General Store, Gloria's Added Touch, 

Gold City Growlers, J.R. Crider's, Outlaw Jerky & Trail Grub

Paul Thomas Chocolates, Sackett's Country, Shenanigans Irish Pub  

How It Works:

1. Each edible book should be a representation or interpretation of something book-related: inspired by the contents of a book (themes, characters, titles, scenes, plots, etc.), or even shaped like a book. The base of the edible book must be no larger than 18”x18” as a maximum.

2. Entries must be at least 95% edible (using anything from cake and cookies to fruits and vegetables, for instance). The entries will not be refrigerated and must sit out for several hours, so do not use extremely perishable materials. Entries must be picked up after the contest ends.

3. An entry form and entry fee must be submitted by the deadline. By entering an edible book and completing the entry form, you (individual or group) give the Dahlonega Literary Festival permission to photograph the edible book and use the photo for promotional purposes.

4. The Dahlonega Literary Festival reserves the right to reject any entry that is offensive or does not follow contest rules.

5. Each edible book submission should have the image of the book used for creation, or at least its title, displayed next to the edible book.

6. Awards will be given for the following categories: (a) Most Creative; (b) Best Construction; and (c) Best of Show. Due to fewer than expected entries, the rules are being amended as follows: with the exception of the Best in Show winner, each participant may win only one award. The winner of Best in Show may win two awards.

7. Winners will receive a gift card to a local business!     


Check out the images from the 2020 Edible Book Contest below!        

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